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It's all relative

The bible says, that in the last days men will become lovers of themselves. With the internet and "selfies" , "I" phone, "I" pads.

Are we becoming a narcissistic generation? Is that why finding relationships is so hard? Everything we can see is solely about us?

We even look at the prospect of love as something that is about us, when love is described as a selfless and giving attribute.

The mentality of this generation is one that marketers have been waiting for the "what's in it for me?" generation.

I see no benefit therefore I reject any though of extending myself to someone else. Women are looking at men not as suitable mates but as sponsors to fund a lifestyle they have become accustomed to or desire. Men have become cold hearted where women are concerned and only seek to gain advantage by using them. there are more relationship being formed today our of need than out of love. Men are creating many substitutes for women and turning their desires to ungodly lusts including towards each other. Because the desire for self gratification has surpassed genuine love our children are in more danger of molestation than ever before. Our women more in danger of rape and abuse by men who's hearts have become darkened with evil and wanton lusts. Our women take pride in degrading themselves and attempt to glorify being base and lewd yet they demand to be treated like "ladies. While flaunting their goods on social media for the world to see. The increase in selfishness of man rides on the waves of the spirit of the anti-Christ, The narcissist is his own god and does not see the need for repentance, righteousness or accountability for his or her actions or attitudes.

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