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I went to elders and my pastor the leaders and they couldn’t help me but you did"


Sherridon went deep into God's truth shinning the light of the word on some difficult topics. The discussions were cohesive yet unique. I never missed an opportrunity to hear he testimony.


Many eye opening moments. God created us for relationship. I saw the importance of relationship and how to maintain boundaries I love what God says about relationships. this was a good process , I  found helpful and enjoyed it.


I felt like even though I haven't laid down on the couch, I done laid down on the couch


You’ve given me life long tips, to be ok with myself. I feel Refreshed,  I Value myself  for the first time.



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What They are Saying


This class have definitely gave me different approaches to the way I intend to hold standards in my relationships. Many things you shared with us I have never even considered so I'm glad I have this new outlook things. You also explained things in ways that make sense to me so I did learn a lot from you. Thank you


I really liked this class being able to hear and validate issues, has helped me greatly coming here and having a group discussion in a safe place is nice. She made everything understandable. 
Thank You


This  class has definitely been a blessing to me! I was able to see and find a laot of growth and strengthen inside of me, not only from my own experiences, but from the testimonies of all of the ladies here. God opened my eyes to  my desires of sexual sins and all that I wanted from men. God showed me that he was and is all I need. Long story short, the Lord showed me that I can't make him want me just for my body or a pretty face. I took verbal abuse, I cried over men, I took lie and I wanted them to love me so bad. I would do anything but I thank God for growth and a better journey for my life that he has for me. Thank your for inviting me because I was so hesitant at first about coming but I've learned so much and thankful for this opportunity and more to come. Excited about what God has for me and all the ladies involved.
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