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Youth annihilation?

What do you think is happening to the youth of today? Are they under some unseen attack set on wiping out their right to be children?

If they are "our future" why are laws being written to destroy them?

The song coined the phrase of our children being our future. If we really believe that why are we adults allowing perverted and mentally ill people to tell us what they should be? Parents are allowing the government and society to walk into their homes and schools and snatch the innocence of their children. It is not a subtle gesture, it is being done with all of the force of a whirlwind!

Children are now being viewed as sex objects, punching bags, dress up dolls and gown ups in under in underdeveloped pre-pubescent bodies. They are being snatched and stolen like a commodity or a materialistic object desired by the wealthy who desire to prolong their own aging lives. They prey on our children for body parts to like an auto mechanic replaces a broken carburetor.

They pre on children for youthful vitality filled blood believing it will somehow revive their aging and stay the hand of death. They prey on our children to warp their mentalities and teach them that living life in the real world as a fantasy is an achievable desire and one to be explored without consequence. They prey on our children to satisfy their lust for innocent flesh, no matter how gruesome the act or how painful the experience for the child may be. They prey on our children to dispose of them once they have satisfied their twisted mentalities with a fantasy fueled by a spiritual diet of demonic influenced music, television, videos and x rated ideology. They prey on our children by creating legislation to justify and legitimize their positions in politics, law enforcement, education, parenting ( offices supposedly held by responsible adults. Who would sacrifice the precious life, self-esteem, self-worth, mental stability and safety of a child to gain selfish sexual gratification and selfish wealth. Parents if ever there was a time to become "over protective" it is now! Teach our children truth and abstinence, protect them from those that would devour them. Single women stop bringing multiple men in your homes over your children, for your own selfish desires to be met. Men return to being a father to your children and stop waiting on the courts to tell you to do it. Parents Covid-19 has allowed you to regain control over your children and snatched them from the control of demonic education systems that are influencing darkness. Make a firm stand with schools and refuse to allow your child to return until they cease and desist all adult sex education and homosexual activities.

Laws that won't allow a minor to by cigarettes, drink alcohol, drive or make adult decisions are trying to contradict these laws with the word "consent". Consent is in fact an adult decision and should not be attributed to the immature, underdeveloped mind of an 11 year old child. Pedopholia will not be tolerated and offenders will not escape the judgment of Almighty God. Neither will parents that stand by idly and give excuses in the name of "support and validation" and refuse to instruct their children in truth. Pedophilia is not a "sexual orientation" because the objects of their affections are not consenting adults but naive, unassuming, blindly trusting kids who have no mental capacity to understand the complexities of sexual intercourse with an adult. God has blocked the hand of the enemy so we can save and protect our children lets put an ax to the root of the tree of perversion and cast it down into the pits of hell where it came from!


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