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He will love you unconditionally; how you look will only be a bonus

When I published my book ‘The Relationship Game Gems From My Journey ‘ I had been asked these questions:

....What am I doing wrong?

.... Why can’t he just love only me?

... I’m good to him and its not enough

... I can’t attract a decent man

... What do I need to do to get him to love me

This book is not a “how to get a man” book

Uh Oh did I lose you already? LOL

Domestic abuse related incidents were at 746,219 in 2019 - 57% female victims

Not only that but...

In the U.S. for every 100 husbands who killed their wives 75 women killed their husbands.

You see why we have to do more than work on just finding a relationship?

(I teach single women in class settings at homeless shelters, churches, coaching organizations, and one on one)

Because we have discovered that making and manipulating relationship doesn’t go over so well and usually ends in disaster.

Researchers found the belief in relationships lasting a life time is 77%

The truth

Relationship durations stats:

Teenage relationships - only 2% actually marry

The average relationship now only lasts 2 years and 9 months

With the frequency rate of society’s idea of dating the increase of emotional damage and baggage is off the charts! Right?

If we focus less on “finding” someone and more on finding our own happiness before. We increase our chances of sustaining a relationship when found.


There’s a marketing term called differentiation Strategy it’s how you differentiate your product from others.

This book will help you to understand, develop, grow, learn the lessons, mature and spiritually heal

What’s the benefit of that you ask?

I’m so glad you asked ! It sets you apart from the crowd many women have mastered the outward attraction but few have mastered the inner attraction.

Its what will make him love you unconditionally no matter how life may change your outward appearance.

I’ll share 4 chapters from the book:

Chapter 1 The Perpetrating game

Starts with our purpose women cultivated into a lady. Removing the pretense.

Chapter 2 The Competition game

You are nobody’s second best, what’s the attraction? And the strength in submission

Chapter 3 The hunger game

We dive into self-esteem and what emotional starvation creates in us

Chapter4 The multiple relationship game

We look at what the act of sex means it’s boundaries and the affect it has on the soul.

Get your paperback copy go to :

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Love you

Sherridon Lyons-Verse


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