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Broken People

87 When looking at relationship and the damage that can be done, we have yet to understand that wholeness is a necessity. Two broken people further imagining they are helping fix someone else; destroying each other and people they are connected to. If the need to fix someone else distracts you from your own pain, it is like fragments meeting in space. They collide and produce more fragments and repeat the process until there is nothing left. Using someone for medicinal purposes makes you as wrong as the person who hurt or damaged you. Cheating is only running to a suedo relationship that agrees with your brokeness for the moment. It does not truely address the issue you are facing, nor does it help. Complications are produced as a result of the collision of two broken souls. Healing of the soul has to take place in order to emerge from a difficult relational issue emotionally healthy and whole. Acknowlegment, confession and growth are a part of this process that leads us on the journey to wholeness. Instead of taking a wounded soul to a person who cannot help, take it to the keeper of your soul. God is the designer and repairer of the soul.

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