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Fragmented Soul

The sexual act opens a doorway to your spirit, allowing the process of infusion. Which by definition implies a pouring in of something that gives new life or significance. When selecting a mate the importance of the state of that individual’s soul is key to your own. Many people experience the outward manifestations of this spiritual bond. Some of them exhibit mental issues often caused by molestation, masturbation, violent sex crimes e.g. rape, pedophilia, Beastiality etc. the body of flesh can develop appetites for more than good.

God designed the sexual act because of it‘s intimate nature to be between a man and woman as husband and wife. This bond is designed to bring affect for Life until death. To take something as powerful as sex and abuse it’s purpose leaves many living a life of struggle. This act opens a door to spiritual influence and if that influence is evil, it will manifest evil. We allow demonic influence into our spirits without understanding how it happened. Society has taken the potency of sex for granted and abused it. It is because of this mankind is now plagued with crimes of passion, murder, suicides, divorce and perversion. Such a powerful spiritual bond when Separation happens can be tormenting and in many cases fatal if we look at statistics of ex- lovers, ex- husbands and wives who can not bare the spiritual tearing of their souls.

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