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"The relationship game" are soul ties real?

Soul ties will lead you to select the same spirit of a person you are no longer with. For example, you may have broken up with a controlling manipulating guy or girl. You might think you left them and their characteristics behind you only to meet someone new, maybe better looking, or even has a better job, but…a few months in, you get to know them a little better. They drop the pretense of the getting-to-know-you stage. Then, you see the reality of their characteristics and mannerisms. Mainly, the way they treat you is identical to the old boyfriend or girlfriend. They possess the same spirit, different body, and then you shake your head and ask the question. How did I hook up with this kind of person again? Why do I only attract guys like this? Or, Why can’t I meet a different type of woman, they all seem to act the same way. Reality is, through sex you bonded with that spirit and you gravitate to it no matter whose body it’s in. The magnetism is the spirit of like kind and it pulls you to its likeness.

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