I am a Native of Chicago IL. My artistic abilities were discovered at an early age. My favorite subject has always been people. I am a self-taught Artist, I love design whether it be clothing Home decor or on stage. The mediums I use to create are Charcoal, Pencil, Oils, Digital, Pastels, and Ink. 

     I have also worked with local plays, creating costumes, make-up, special effects, set designs, and stage props. My favorite medium is pencil, I like to achieve a 3D appearance in life forms. My goal is to encourage the spirit in people. I want my Art to communicate the peace and beauty the world and we that live in it have to offer. I am also a writer, Motivational speaker and I aspire to inspire. 

     I believe God has given me a tiny portion of His creativity. He is the "Ultimate Artist.

          A writer, Author and motivational speaker. She aspires to inspire. Passionate about helping women recover from abusive relationship . She believes that defining what abuse really is, can help women recognize and avoid these encounters before damage is done. As a survivor of one, she knows the struggle of trying to pick up the pieces and go foward. She is a Youth Leader and Mentor in ministry and has a compelling testimony. A wife and mother, self- taught Artist who also loves fashion. "I believe God has given me a tiny portion of HIs creativity. He is the Ultimate Artist."