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The unfair comparison of African-American women to Caucasian women.

Is it really fair for African-American men to compare African-American women to Caucasian women? I say "No." Our ancestors as near as our great grandparents endured harsh treatment for the color of their skin. With disrespect and humiliation as our legacy, our women had to learn to bury their feelings and veil themselves in stone exteriors. To become the "head of household" to survive in a society that took our men out of the home (First with Slavery then Public Assistance) brainwashing us into believing we don't need them. Our beauty is coveted and cosmetically achieved after convincing us for centuries that our appearance as well as our many hues was unattractive. Our strength was forged in the heat of survival, our many struggles with our appearance an attempt to correct,( for acceptance) what was perfect to begin with. Our frustrations with what we have; become labeled out of ignorance as "angry." By some of our counterparts who from the frustration of their legacy choose to desert and not aid. If you choose to love a woman of another race, finding love is a beautiful thing. But do not justify your choice by slandering women of a totally different culture. There's no comparison. Apples and Oranges. ijs

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