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Skin bleaching

There are a variety of reasons a person would feel they need to even out their skin tone. One of those reasons should not be self hate. We don't hold the right to not like ourselves, because we did not create ourselves. The idea of beauty is just that- an idea, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art work is appreciated not for it's similarity most of the time but for its differentiation.

The mentality that dark skin is unattractive was made popular by the European sect or Caucsasian brainwashing. After many decades of only being accepted for jobs that faced the public like entertainment, theatre, and any front line worker. There is still sadly a standard of rejection of darker skin tones even among the African descendants in America.

The ungrateful attitudes of many who were born with the gift of Melanin is reflected in the increased purchases of skin bleaching creams and drugs to make the skin appear lighter. The level of self hate is only matched by the level of acceptance being desired.

One can be taught prejudice against one's own race and brainwashed into believing that another race is superior or better because of their skin tone. But isn' that the definition of racism?


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