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Separate? Ne'er

We have been made to believe that there is a separation between church and state. For this reason discussions of the two are hushed in forums often. This is the most unrealistic ideology. The state forges laws that infiltrate the church and it's belief system and has for centuries. The law removing prayer from schools, was not this an act of state infringing on a belief system, on the basis of offense to others? Same sex marriage which is against the belief of the church was implemented by different states. Marriage is normally performed by the clergy of the church. The expectation is for the church to perform and recognize a union they deem ungodly. Where is the separation?

When a Christian voices an opinion concerning laws or legislation they are told to hush read th bible and pray. Many of the civil rights leaders of our day and in history were fueled by the very words they read in the bible.

It moved them to think differently about the politics of our country and even more it moved to them to take action and speak out. Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all tell a story of being lead of God to act and speak to bring about change in the politics of the states they resided in. In the bible Elijah took on the political leaders and challenged them in their beliefs to serve false Gods Jezabel was a woman in a powerful political position as a queen threatened to take his life because he dared to speak out against injustice. How do we separate a country from the God it's states were founded upon? With "In God we trust" as it's foundation.

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