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Makeup enhancer or eraser?

I love makeup and as an artist the looks that can be achieved are fantastic. The looks used to be catagorized for example "stage makeup" which was not worn everyday.  To enhance is one thing, but to create a face that looks completely different ..........

So does too much make up erase the face of a woman? Can it be viewed as deceiving simply because it is? Men are visual creatures and are enticed, aroused, seduced by what they see. The initial response is based on the illusion created by make up (if heavily applied or exaggerated).

Are women attempting to become a fantasy in hopes of capturing a man? Is it fair to perpetrate to the extreme as if the true you will never be seen? While men are admittedly turned on by what they see, they are still human beings with feelings. Meaning he will eventually want someone in an emotional connection and not just physical. While the illusion of beauty may catch him it will be what is on the inside that will ultimately keep his interest. Lets be real their are men who look beautiful with a face covered with make up and they have mastered the illusion techniques in most cases better than women. Loving ourselves means accepting ourselves, not hiding behind a façade. Most of what is seen on the outside is a mirror of what's real on the inside. Whats becoming very real is the self hate and dis-satisfaction that women are carrying on the inside, that is influencing the way they are choosing to look on the outside. Prostitutes and strippers sell fantasy and illusion to men for money. Ladies have no right to be angry when men make assumptions based on what they see, when they are portraying a look that is understood associated with what used to be referred to as "Pros."

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