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Unlimited Laser Coaching 15 minute sessions

Unlimited Laser Coaching 15 minute sessions

$150.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price

Unlimited Laser  Relationship Coaching 15 minute sessions. 

Beginning January 11, 2021. 

  • Turn opposition into opportunity!

    As a result of my coaching services my clients have experienced joy, peace and happiness in their life. With a greater sense of purpose and self-esteem. Breakthroughs in their spiritual lives… to gain contentment, self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of their God given purpose. Women, who suffered from inner voices that hindered their happiness, peace, growth and direction. Who thought they had cried so much they had no more tears left! have experienced(transformation in less than 4 weeks!)

  • Gaining clarity is seeing clearly

    I help Women who have hidden hurts that hijack progress and cause poor relationship choices, who disappear from depleted emotions. The walking wounded who bleed for so long they don’t feel it anymore. Learn how to snatch their healing from the clutches of hurt, jailbreak emotional prisons, STOP walking wounded. So they can gain spiritual clarity, learn to identify an organize emotions in relationships, recover their authentic self and transform from feeling invisible to BEING invincible in happiness and inner peace.

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