Custom blankets with your Art selection from the Art by Sherridon Collection. Color or Black /White. Plush Fleece 50x60 or 60x80 $ 96.00. Woven (100% Cotton)

Plush Fleece Blanket 50x60 or 60x80

color: Brown
  • Bundle up and stay warm this winter and fall. All blankets are Size 50x60 or 60x80 Available in Fleece, Plush Fleece, or Woven 100% Cotton. Biege, Blak, Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Brown. Machine wash cold.  Some colors may not be in stock.( Image actually woven into fabric for Woven blanket.)  Please provide title of Art work, with quantity, and item of choice.